Out There Chronicles

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Out There Chronicles is an interactive fiction with captivating story and setting. It’s written with intelligence and affection, and is accompanied with great illustrations and music, all of which make it a very enjoyable experience.

You play as a military commander with a dark past, who has survived global war and is awakened after 10000 years of cryogenic sleep by a human civilization in a distant space colony. Earth is but a nostalgic memory of sorts, and a multitude of alien species are out there to be met.

The whole setting feels so big and well-thought. It left me with a sense of wonderment that I had while reading certain sci-fi novels such as Larry Niven. And the main character is capable of displaying genuine humanity (depending on the player’s choices, this is interactive fiction after all).

All and all, you guys in Mi-Clos Studio rock 🙂 I’m looking forward to the second episode… Please bring it out soon!



Here we go!

I’m going to shake off and dust this old place. So, welcome to my new, modernized website! It’s been around since year 2000. Here you can find my creations, mostly drawings and paintings, and some other stuff.

I’m hoping to realize a project (either a comic book or a video game) in some undefined future. I need some hundreds of hours of training to improve my drawing skills, to be able to create what I want with ease. Right now I’m quite busy with my life, but I’ll get to it as soon as I have more time…

Enjoy your visit 🙂


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